Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Footwear and shoes for plantar fasciitis are specialised and designed to offer supports to the arch of your foot. If you strain your plantar fascia, it often gets weak, swollen and inflamed causing your foot to hurt when you stand or walk. The condition is a known repetitive strain injury often afflicting runners, walkers and hikers as well as anyone who stands or is on their feet a lot for a living such as Police, shop workers and anybody that walks a lot on hard surfaces. Our shoes for plantar fasciitis are available in a range of colours, sizes and are designed to alleviate the pain caused by many of these activities. Choose from a range of styles with easy and secure online shopping available on all shoes.

The plantar fascia is the ligament that runs from the heel to the front of your foot, and supports the smooth arching motion and acts as a shock absorber when you walk. However, this ligament can get damaged over time due to excessive weight and pressure on it, and may become inflamed or stiff, causing severe pain in the bottom of your heel. For some, it may be chronic, constant, or dull, while for others it may feel like sharp pangs. The condition may worsen over time, but treatments are possible. For milder cases, home remedies such as basic stretching exercises or applying ice, and avoiding excessive physical exercise may help, while medical treatments may include corticosteroid injections directly into the damaged area, shock wave therapy, or in extreme situations, surgery.

Facts about Plantar Fasciitis

1 in every 10 people suffers from this ailment at some point in their lives, which is 10% of our population.

Plantar Fasciitis is more common among older ages, for instance, 40-60 years, since the ligament wears out with time and pressure. 

Flat-footedness is one of the major leading causes of this disease, and 1 in 4 people have flat feet. This also contributes to why the problem is so common

In many cases, plantar fasciitis can be improved to a great extent by just finding the right shoes!

What to go for


Your primary concern should be making sure that your footwear is comfortable and adjustable to the contours of your feet, which means that it should be a good fit, not so tight that it isn’t breathable, nor too lose that your foot is unsupported and slips backwards and forwards. Make sure it is the perfect size for you, and there is no unnecessary pressure at the balls of your foot or the heels, but that they are enclosed safely. Find one with a soft sole, a good heel cup and enough room for the toes to flex.


Another important factor is the solidity and rigidity of the shoe and its flexibility. The material should be bendable, but not without friction. It must curve right along with the movement of your foot, but offer resistance to be able to protect it from shock or damage when needed.

Buying shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers to not always easy but thankfully Wide Fit Shoes has recognised the important need for dedicated footwear for all effected by this painful condition. Select you desired shoes for plantar fasciitis below and order direct or call our specialist team on  020 89071742 to ensure you get the correct  plantar fasciitis footwear for your needs

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