Mission Statement

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We think about footwear a lot. Not just because it’s our business but also because we want to provide every customer with an unforgettable experience when they come to put on their shoes each day. To give as many people as possible the chance to enjoy wearing footwear which is beautifully designed and will last is one of our central goals.

Our philosophy is simple: footwear is fantastic. We believe that the magnificence of good footwear is often overlooked. Rather than being something on the periphery of any outfit, it can form the centrepiece and give your couture an added lift. Our aim is to make available the kinds of shoes which are comfortable and will give your sense of style a boost.

Our focus is on wide-fitting footwear and we know that finding the right pair of shoes can often be a struggle for individuals with wider feet. That’s why we’ve developed a sophisticated approach to finding and delivering the best possible shoes for people with wider feet. It all starts with two things: enjoyment and engagement. We want every customer to enjoy wearing their footwear and engage with the benefits which purchasing the best footwear can offer.

Our customers appreciate our dedication to the pursuit of excellence in choosing and providing the footwear that will make their life easier and add a certain elegance to their outfits. We pursue a creative strategy which prioritises the detailed requirements of each individual customer. 

Finding the right pair of shoes for someone can be the difference between enduring long days in footwear that is cumbersome and enjoying walking to work, to the shops and to social events. One of our fundamental aims is to make the process of choosing the right footwear more straightforward and stress-free. We achieve this by narrowing down our offering to only those products which have been proven to give each customer the most satisfaction and comfort.

The variety of shoes we offer is what sets us apart from others. With fitting sizes from E-8E, we offer more selection for both men and women than any other outlet on the high street. We also help shoppers with the process of choosing footwear. This encompasses many aspects including the gathering of preferences in relation to comfort, space and style. We then narrow down the selection to a few pairs which we think will fit best with the requirements of the customer. We are highly successful in helping buyers with this process and this is reflected in the relationships of warmth and trust we have built up over the years.

We have always maintained a good working relationship with our suppliers. This facilitates a level of collaboration which allows us to deliver new styles of shoe on time and give each customer a preview of each brand's new offerings. 

Quality of footwear is something which can have a real effect on your day to day life and, if you are someone who must move around a lot, at work, for example, this is doubly true. So, our ability to find and select the best shoes for customers has a dramatic impact on the quality of life for our buyers. Not having the right pair of shoes for your job or for going out can have knock-on effects in other areas of your life. If your feet are sore after a hard day at work or a night on the tiles you will feel less motivated to complete other tasks that need doing. You will get less enjoyment out of doing your job and you could potentially have to deal with medical issues relating to your feet if the problem goes unresolved for a lengthy period. 

It is with this knowledge that we take the task of providing quality footwear so seriously. But we also recognise that customers like to deal with people who are prepared to approach things with a sense of playfulness and fun. That’s why our sales assistants will 

serve you with a smile on their face and ensure your experience with us is first rate. If we can give you something to look forward to when it comes to buying your next pair of wide fit shoes, then we will have done our job successfully.

But knowing you can rely on us for a high level of customer service and attention to detail in the footwear we stock is not the only thing we can offer you. There is also our guide to learning the widths of footwear so that you can make an independent, informed decision on which shoes are best for you. You may also use this to spread information and build awareness about recognising the benefit of buying shoes which are the appropriate width. This is an aspect of shoe-buying which many people disregard, focusing solely on the length of the shoe and presuming that the width will be appropriate for their feet.

As you are reading this you are most likely someone who is aware of their need to purchase wide fitting shoes but there are many individuals who suffer on without realising that there are products on the market specifically designed for the width of their feet. The final aspect of our mission is to educate more people about the significance of having an awareness of the relative widths of their feet. This isn’t just to build our customer base, it’s also because we know that wearing the right size shoes can have knock-on effects which will benefit us all, such as increased productivity at work and increasing general wellbeing.

Our company values can be broken down into three aspects:

Commitment to excellence

We want our customers to feel that they have been treated as an individual with unique requirements when they order shoes from us. This dedication is manifest in everything we do, including the quality of the packaging and the service offered by our customer service team.

Build a happy society 

We know that there are many people out there who still wear shoes which are too narrow for their feet. This can lead to misery on long commutes and at work, lowering productivity and worsening existing medical conditions. By making the general public more aware of this problem, we can contribute to a happier society.

Spread the word

We spend a great deal of time trying to find new products which our customers will love. This involves keeping up to date with each brand's new offerings and how they can serve our customers’ requirements. 

We hope you will help us to spread the word about wide-fitting shoes and their importance to alleviating existing medical conditions and adding comfort to people’s daily lives.