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What are the Primary Causes of Swollen Feet?

Are you constantly suffering from Swollen Feet? We know how painful and embarrassing it is to experience those swollen feet. Here are some primary reasons that might be affecting your health and in turn your feet.

Causes of Swollen Feet:

  • Pregnancy Problems: According to the article of, many women experience this swollen feet issue during their pregnancy period. Some women do suffer from pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia which can increase blood pressure and affect their kidney functions severely. Such women do suffer from excessive swelling on their ankles and feet.
  • Edema: Edema is a health condition in which a person suffers from swollen feet due to excessive standing and walking. This condition gets developed over time and becomes worse if you do not pay proper attention to it.
  • Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and many of the wider fitting shoes are ideal shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to help alleviate the pain.
  • Foot Injury: This is one of the most commonly observed issues in men as well as in women. Your sprained ankle or missteps could lead to severe foot swelling if you do not take right precautionary steps to reduce that swelling.
  • Blood Clotting and Infection: Some people, who are diabetic and have a high cholesterol level in their blood, can experience blockage of blood vessels. In this condition, an internal infection can cause fluid to leak out of vessels and can cause swelling on your feet and on the ankles.
  • Medication Side Effects: There are several OTC drugs in the market that can cause certain side effects to your body such as skin irritation and swelling. If you take certain drugs in excess, then it can cause swelling on your face, arms and feet.

    How to Deal with Your Swollen Feet?

    We know that swollen feet is not a pleasant experience at all to deal with. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome this foot swelling issue. Here are some proven and effective methods that can help you get rid of this condition.

    • Practicing Yoga: Yes, yoga exercise and meditation has proven to be a very efficient tool in reducing all kinds of swellings on your body. Yogic exercises do improve your blood circulation, reduce your sugar and stress level, and improve your immune system as well. This greatly helps your body to deal with any kind of swollen feet issue very effectively over the period.
    • Use of Compression Socks: Compression socks are easily available at your local shoe store and at online shopping portals too. They seem to offer pain relief and avoid internal fluid retention in the body parts such as your ankles and feet.
    • Get Some Acupressure Massage:  Acupressure is an ancient Chinese treatment where certain bodily points are pressed to cure your body pain and provide some relief. Massage from an expert person can also provide some relief and reduce your swelling in few days.

      How Best Shoes Can Help You Relieve Your Swelling?

      Though the above methods offer some relief from swelling, it is mandatory for you to use high quality wide fitting shoes. The best quality wide shoes provide right amount of squeezing for your swollen feet. This leads to the gradual reduction in the internal fluid build-up.

      The speciality shoes made to deal with swollen feet; prevent blood clotting. They also do the job of prevention of superficial veins expansion. The combination of good quality support shoes, compression socks and diabetic slippers can effectively fight the internal swelling by eliminating the fluid build-up in the veins.

      How to Choose the Right Shoes for Swollen Feet?

      When choosing the shoes for your swollen feet, it is always a good idea to select the wide width footwear. While shopping for such shoes, you need to keep in mind certain things. The below given tips will help you find the best quality shoes for your swollen feet so that you can relieve from your pain as early as possible.

      Men's Swollen Feet Shoes Women's Swollen Feet Shoes


      • Measure Your Feet Correctly When Swelling is at Large.

        Yes, this is the very first thing you need to do before you select the shoe for your feet. Try to measure the width and sizing of your feet when the swelling is at maximum level. This will provide you the right idea of how much shoe size you need before planning for actual purchase.

        • Look for Shoes that are Wide Width, Adjustable and Comfortable to Use.

          This is the second point you need to remember when looking for the ideal shoe for your swollen feet. The swelling of your feet can change from time to time, which demands the use of a comfortable and adjustable shoe. The shoes with Velcro straps, soft and flexible material, and extra wide toe boxes are highly recommended for people with swollen feet.

          Top 5 Wide Shoes for Swollen Feet
          Men's Swollen Feet Shoes - Ashton
          • Deep and wide fitting shoes
          • Double Velcro strap for better fastening
          • Removable inserts, ideal for orthotics
          Men's Swollen Feet Shoes - Havant
          • Mold injected soles, good for blood circulation
          • Single Velcro strap for easy fastening
          • Breathable leather lining
          Men's Swollen Feet Shoes - M5502
          • Prevents foot odour problems with Antimicrobial technology
          • Internal lining suitable for diabetics
          • Memory foam layered insole
          Women's Swollen Feet Shoes - Fife
          • Anti-twist control technology insole which helps stability
          • Removable odour resistant sock
          • Extra adjusted Velcro pieces
          Women's Swollen Feet Shoes - Florence
          • Extremely comfortable because of no-seam toe box
          • Extra deep for swelling problems
          • Textile lining to prevent friction between the skin and the inners


          • Avoid High Heels, Pointed Shoes, Plastic and Vinyl Shoes at Any Cost.

            Narrow or pointed toe shoes, high heels, plastic shoes and vinyl material shoes are the ones which drastically worsen the condition of your swollen feet. They excessively produce the pressure on the toe joints and on the front of your foot. Plastic and vinyl shoes do not provide the right breathability which is necessary for your swollen feet.

            The shoes which do not possess right seams can irritate your foot skin and rub against the swelling. This can cause a lot of discomfort and pain for you in the process. Thus it is essential for you to select the wide width, breathable, flexible, comfortable and rightly cushioned shoe to provide pain relief and reduce the swelling of your feet naturally.

            We recommend you to follow these tips correctly if you really want to choose the best shoes for your swollen feet. These shoes can certainly provide the much needed pain relief and can drastically bring down the swelling of your feet when used on a regular basis. At, we offer the premium quality wide fitting shoes that can definitely provide you the big pain relief and can help you reduce your swelling in few days.


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