Wide fitting bunion shoes

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Bunions are a common problem suffered by many people, but they can also become quite serious and it is essential to wear shoes that do not exacerbate the problem.

Bunions are actually a result of a condition known as hallux valgus. This is a condition whereby the large toe is gradually pushed over towards the smaller toes, and in severe cases they can even cross over each other. Bony lumps often develop on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe as a result, and it is these that are known as bunions.

It is also common for a bursa to develop here, which is a small sack filled with fluid, and this is more likely to occur if you wear shoes which press against the bunion. This could then become inflamed or infected, and can pose more serious problems. Bunions can also lead on to developing hammer toes or corns and calluses.

Bunions can vary in pain significantly. Some people may have a very large bunion that is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but which doesn't actually cause any pain. Others may have a small bunion that is very painful.

Although bad footwear does not cause bunions, it can certainly make the problem worse, and for this reason it is important to wear shoes for bunions that have been specially designed to deal with the problem.

All of our shoes are designed to accommodate feet that have developed bunions. In our range you will find very deep shoes, which are important if one toe has crossed over another and a standard shoe cannot provide enough room. They also all come with soft uppers to reduce the pressure and amount of rubbing on the bunion which can often make it worse.

Women are usually more prone to developing bunions. Although one reason is that they generally have looser ligaments, another is down to the restrictive footwear that they wear with greater frequency. Shoes such as high heels are not proven to be the cause, but they can cause problems to become worse a lot quicker.

Tight footwear is also bad for feet that have developed bunions. Slip-on shoes provide less room for the toes to move, and the toes will slide to the end more easily and be put under greater pressure, which is not what you want to be experiencing if you have bunions.

Our shoes will not heal the bunions, but they can certainly help take the pressure off. By providing comfort for your foot, and by raising the arch to help realign the foot, the pain can be reduced significantly and your discomfort levels will go down.