Extra Wider Fitting Footwear for Men and Women

Specialists in Extra Wide Shoes

Extra wide shoes will help with: evening fatigue, heaviness, swelling, swollen veins, full legs and calves, high arches, wide feet, flat feet, "bumps", curving fingers or inoperable for various reasons feet - you'll find extra wide shoes that make your life easier!

Wide Fit Shoes are specialized in bringing all brands to one store, we are different from other online stores as we are shop based so you can come and try the extra wide shoes and get expert advice with over 30 years of experience to find all width fittings in one store.

We suggest shoes for people, who can not go and buy footwear in average shops for various reasons (naturally wide fit, swollen feet, diabetes bunion). We'll find footwear just for you:

  • Wide feet shoes for men and women
  • Orthotics footwear
  • Swollen feet shoes
  • Wide shoes with removable insoles
  • Shoes For Bunions

We sell shoes of well known brands and brands that specialized in wide feet and orthotic shoes for women and men

Have questions about our production? Call us 020 8907 1742 or email us info@widefitshoes.co.uk and we will be glad to answer.

Visit our shop or make order right on our website. You can even book an appointment with our fitting specialist. Book instore