Our pick for the most stylish mens wide fit shoes in 2019

stylish mens wide fit

When searching for wide fitting footwear, finding a shoe that offers a comfortable fit will always be the priority. However, that need for a practical selection should never stand in the way of style – not least when there are so many great wide fit men’s shoes on the market in 2019.

While there are plenty of fantastic wide fit hiking, running, and casual shoes to enjoy too, we’re focusing on the Men’s Wide Fit Shoes for formal and special occasions. Whether it’s for work, a night out with the lads, or a date night with the Mrs, here’s all you need to know about making a stylish purchase.

Why Is Choosing The Right Shoe So Important?

As somebody that has always had wide feet, you’ve probably endured several years of having very little choice regarding your footwear, consequently leading you to select whichever shoes fit. While you may have temporarily forgotten the joys of finding the most stylish shoes for your feet, there’s still time to rediscover those feelings.

A stylish shoe isn’t just about flaunting a little cash. The benefits are plentiful, and include;

  • Gain increased confidence from knowing that your wide fit shoes look as great as they feel.
  • Make a bigger first impression on business clients and impress friends, relatives, and loved ones.
  • Establish the perfect foundations for building an entire outfit.
  • Show that you have an eye for what looks good and know how to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Enjoy the fact that your footwear will be built to last, not least because you’ll want to take care of them.

Essentially, it’s no exaggeration to state that your choice of footwear is the most significant part of any outfit. With this in mind, the right choice of men’s wide fit shoe can have a significant impact on your daily life, which is why the decision should not be taken lightly.

Whether you’re a shoe fanatic or a footwear philistine, there’s never been a better time to invest in a killer pair of shoes. Quite simply, this is something that every modern man needs.

Stylish Men’s Wide Fit Shoes That Deserve A Mention

The overall quality of men’s wide fit shoes has improved dramatically in recent times, not least thanks to specialist online retailers (cough..cough) that make finding great footwear more accessible than ever before. Here are three options that we love for 2019.

Runner Up Choice A – The Keaton Slip On Loafer

Through the combination of a soft leather upper which moulds around the foot, cushioned insoles, and an easy slip-on feature, the Keaton design is one that certainly ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort. However, the simple yet stylish stitching and hard wearing rubber soles lend to great aesthetic properties too. Meanwhile, the penny loafer style is a timely classic.

The black Keaton slip-on is available in a width of 2E in a variety of sizes.

Runner Up Choice B – Barker Greenham Shoes

Simple detailing with a classy vibe is evident in every aspect of the Greenham design by Barker, which is available in black and tan. Laces run through three pairs of eyelets while the Oxford style shoes feature leather insoles while the toe cap is clean and clear, making this style particularly suited to office work and other formal settings.

The Barkerflex technology helps the leather bend around the feet for extra comfort, which is support by a padded collar to the ankle.

Runner Up Choice C – Barker Portrush Shoes

Premium quality wide fit brogues aren’t easy to find, but the Portrush shoes are beautifully leather crafted with an ornate brogue patterning that captures the attention in a stunningly subtle fashion. While primarily designed as an office shoe, the brogues are equally suited for smart casual wear. Every detail, even down to the laces, screams style and luxury.

The Portrush by Barker is available in black or brown, and the width is 4E.

The Winner Of Most Stylish Men’s Wide Fit Shoe 2019 Is…

… The Oxford style shoe by Sanders.

Available in various sizes with a width of 4E, the iconic Oxford shoe is perfect for men with wide fit needs. The simple yet stylish classic is lovingly handmade, providing a quality finish of sophistication and luxury that’s suited to evening wear as well as formal scenarios.

This is the shoe of a modern gentleman. The double stitched straight toe cap design provides an eye-catching yet subtle design edge while the vamp and facing are equally simple yet elegant. The durable counter ensures that the shoe will remain comfortable for years to come. When combined with the reliable name of the Sanders brand, this shoe signifies great value for money.

Five rows of eyelets secure the quality lacing, which is designed to avoid fraying, while the stitching between the acing and quarter further complements the overall appearance in a subtle yet stunning fashion. The Sanders branding is shown on the insole, which is a stylish orange to contrast the black, as well as the base of the outer sole, which is a darker brown.

The plain Derby variant of the Oxford shoe is finished with a quality level of stitching around the soul while the heel adds comfort and durability for long-term enjoyment. When looking at great shoes, less is often more, and the Sanders Oxford shoe highlights this to perfection.

For this reason, along with the incredible value, easy maintenance, and elegant versatility, it is our winner for most stylish wide fit shoe of 2019.

The Final Word

Whether it’s the Sanders shoes or any of the runners-up, Wide Fit Shoes stocks a range of the best wide fit shoes on the market, making it easier than ever to finally find the perfect footwear for you. Check out the rest of our collections via this site or give one of our friendly advisors a call.

Kick bad footwear to the curb and enjoy the luxury of fantastic footwear today.