How to Know If You Have a Wide Foot?

Wide Foot

Wouldn’t you love to be Carrie Bradshaw, prancing around New York in those brand new clickity clackity heels every month after you get your pay check?
But if taking your heels off at the end of a long day compares to what heaven looks like, then you should consider Wide Fit Shoes!
Wide feet are actually really common. Characterized by a broader front and caused by genetics, wide arches, obesity, sprains or fractures, wide feet can be troublesome when you can’t find a shoe that fits perfectly.
Here’s how to do a self-check to see if you need to get some shopping done!

Bumps and lacerations: Bunions, Corns, Blisters and Bruises
A lot of us have squeezed our feet into shoes, only to realize they’re blistering the soul of our soles!
Tight shoes can bunch, pinch, pressure and rupture the skin, forming painful corns, blisters and even bruises under the nails. Shoes with congested toe boxes and restrictive sizing can seriously damage the health of your feet.

Discoloured Toes
If your toes and toenails become discoloured, chances are your shoes have a small toe box.
Constant rubbing, friction and pressure on the nails, nail bed and skin around the toes cause the skin to lose colour, which lasts for a long time. And that is not appealing!

Hammer Toes and Painful feet
Wearing tight shoes for a prolonged period of time can cause toes to buckle into a claw-like shape and result in joint pain.
Hammer toes begin at the toe joint, and cause permanent deformity, highlighting how important it is to find a right fit shoe. It’s a sign that you need extra wide shoes.

If You’ve Identified With Any Of The Above…
Then you’ve got wide feet! It’s important to listen to your body’s signs; they’re indicative of what you need.
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