Foot Problems Caused by Tight Shoes

Athlete’s Foot

Men and women both love to wear fashionable and stylish shoes; it improves their confidence and makes them feel refreshed. However, most of these trendy shoes are getting narrower and tighter. As a consequence, they can evoke a wide range of issues of health-related issues. Some of these are the following.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is basically a fungal infection that can damage infect both men and women. Symptoms include acute pain, burning sensation, and itching. Most of the times, it damages the area between one’s toes. Studies suggest that they are triggered because of tight-fitted shoes which block the flow of air into the shoe.

Hammer Toes

When one’s toes flex and look like a claw, rather than their natural flat position, such person is known to be suffering from hammer toes. The tight-fitted shoes force the toes’ joints to bend. As a result, the joints cannot develop due to lack of space. What’s more frightening is that this disorder is progressive and its severity increases with the passage of time. When hammer toes are not treated on time, they worsen to an extent in which even surgeries are ineffective. Hammer toes begin with the development of corns, acute pain, and finally, the toes become inflexible to a point that the joins are dislocated permanently.


When the foot’s metatarsal (ball of the foot) experiences pain, one is said to be inconvenienced by metatarsalgia. When one jumps, runs, and performs other playful actives while wearing tight shoes, it can cause the ball of the foot to become inflamed. Usually, home remedies can treat this condition such as applying ice. Many people also wear wide fit boots for their comfort so they can contain metatarsalgia.

Ingrown Nails

Tight shoes give rise to ingrown toenails. Traditionally, this condition was suffered by the athletes but as more and people are wearing tight shoes, they are beginning to contract it. In this condition, the nail does not grow outward. Instead, it grows in the opposite direction—from inward—because of which victim has to contend with acute pain. When fungus infects the toe, the condition worsens. Additionally, irregular trimming of nails can also affect the ingrown nails.

Heel Spurs

Tight shoes are responsible for putting a high amount of pressure on the foot ligaments, bone, and heel. When one runs on a hard surface with it, it can cause heel spurs. In the beginning, heel spurs do not cause much pain. However, after some time, it can trigger plantar fascia—a dangerous inflammation. Which is located in the plantar fascia; it is responsible for linking the ball of the foot and the heel bone. The heal bone’s underside struggle.

Final Thoughts

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